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Pizzoco is owned by brothers Jesse and Steve Von Fange.  They grew up not too far off in Rappahannock county, VA.  Cooking was always a big part of daily life growing up in the countryside.  They both got jobs, while in high school, working at the Inn at the Little Washington; where an appreciation for cuisine really took hold.  Having both been at the helm of Rudy's Pizza in Sperryville, VA they perfected the recipes and skills to make great pizza.

After a year and a half of renovations, Pizzoco opened up on April Fool's 2019.  Its been a great thrill to be a part of the growing community in Winchester.  We love our regular customers and enjoy meeting new ones everyday.  Pizza is a food that is best shared and one our greatest pleasure is watching people gather together at Pizzoco to enjoy community and family.  Stop in and see why this isn't just another pizza place.  

Made with Intention

At PIZZOCO we make everything the hard way, the right way.  We make our dough from scratch and leaven it with care.  Cut fresh vegetables by hand each day.  Cook our sausages and slice our meats from top quality sources.  Our sauce is made everyday using real crushed garlic, the finest Californian tomatoes, and fresh herbs.  We take the time to do it right and we don't cut corners with pre-made doughs, sauces, canned or frozen veggies or fruit.  The difference is obvious from sight to bite after bite.




A Slice of the Past

501 N. Loudoun started as a Conocco Service Station in 1928.  Over the years it was a Citgo, and then a convenience store, and a seafood market.  It closed in the early 1990's and had sat vacant for over 20 years.  We purchased it and worked with the City and the Board of Architectural Review to breathe new life into the space while honoring its context as a service station.  We put on a new roof, returned the garage doors, put in some green space outside, and remodeled the interior with the intent to exhibit its interesting architectural features and materials.



Pizzoco Building.jpg


Pizzoco Dining.jpg

Proud to be a part of the Community

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